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Uluru : a sacred place

Uluru, in the early morning, in winter.

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Departure from the bivouac as the sun is still sleeping. We want to see Uluru when the sun rises. Aged of 400 millions years, this monolith is really impressive. For Aboriginal people living there, this place is sacred. When the sun begins to rise, it lights Uluru with a golden aura which fills us with wonder. This spectacle is majestic and is enough to explain the attraction of Aboriginals. We really have the impression that the sky and the sun add an illumination to the stone.

It is at the same time "one" by its imposing appearance and "multiple" by all the crevices we guess. From afar, we perceive some corners and nooks. Seen closely, these are caves or holes, a lot of places which could not be photographed. The Aboriginals have established some rite of passage places, when young men become adults,  where young women learn their future life from their grandmothers  These places, where a foreigner can't see any special detail, are full of secrets, magic, meetings and ceremonies. May the ptotection of this sacred stone, organized by The Aboriginals and the Rangers together preserve for a long time this emotion, like in the first days of the Universe. 

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