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How a mother protects its baby

On Kangaroo Island, in the early morning, in winter.

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The sun rises on the moor. Nature wakes up slowly. The road is long to reach the other side of the island. In order to catch sight of wildlife that may burst out even when we don't expect it, our eyes are wide open. Anytime, we can see a real spectacle.

All of a sudden, some almost imperceptible movements take place on the left side of the road, out of the bush. Smooth braking, with no noise, and we stop near two wallabies. They look at us and seem almost to be waiting for us. They are as interested as we are. Their look indicates a mother and its child. Then begins an exchange of stares and movements. The mother seems afraid that we could hurt its baby. But this  one is more curious than worried. Ou car is maybe the first one it sees from so close...

It looks hard at us, fascinated. Its mother pushes it, with a casual air, to the bush keeping on  staring at us. After long minutes of effort - we observe all of it without a gesture - its baby is finally under cover. It goes on looking at us through the branches, but its mother's mind is at ease. It accepts to be photographed showing us its best face ! Its laid-back attitude towards its baby must be perceptible beacuse a small dozen of wallabies go out of the bush. It's a show without any noise, but really touching of spontaneity and exchange. And guess who shows one's face suddenly ? The wallaby baby, that is going out of its hiding-place !   

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