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Empire State Building

Before (in 1988)

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After (in 2008)

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When we see from far this skyscraper, it towers above the city from now on, we are captivated by its whiteness, its sobriety and its almost outdated style.
When we get near to it, we discover a bulding in renovation. The years pass and the need of refection for walls is coming. It could be brillant again.
Then, we take the lifts nd the door opens on the breathtaking view. The impression of vertigo and domination is intact.
We go around the building to discover the city under an aerial angle. The Twin Towers don't dominate the south. The name of the building on the Grand Central Terminal has changed : from " Panam ", it is become " Metlife ". Maybe, it is the same company, I don't know.
But, all the rest seems unchanging : we perceive further the Statue of Liberty in the entrance of the harbour, the bridges to go far away and the yellow taxis seem in greater numbers from the top.

Twin Towers / Ground Zero
Battery Park
Grand Central Terminal
Times Square
Wall Street and NYSE
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