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Wall Street and NYSE

Before (in 1988)

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After (in 2008)

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A small street, not so easy to find and yet famous, and I'm here in front of the New York Stock Exchange. Some policemen prevent its access. 20 years ago, we could come in and see the traders get inpanic screaming orders. Naturally, the 9-11 events have, here also, left a definite mark. Henceforth, the street seems peaceful and we toil to imagine that the sort of world economy is decided behind these walls, under a vast american flag. The men with dark suit going out don't show anything about the immense financial crisis that shakes up the world.
Between rescue plan for banks and presidential election, I assisted to a humoristic performance in front of the NYSE for Nader, the third candidate without any party between Obama and mac Cain. The democraty is really alive in the Uncle Sam 's country.

Twin Towers / Ground Zero
Battery Park
Empire State Building
Grand Central Terminal
Times Square
United Nations
Principal Post Office
Staten Island
Top of Empire State Bldg
TV in street
TV Series

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