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An Empire on the top !

Before (in 1988)

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After (in 2008)

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From the top to the bottom, nothing has really changed. It always is very impressive to take the escalator to the top of the Empire State Building. When you arrive, you go immediately  outside and feel the wind in your hair. All the movies, and specially King Kong, come to your mind. A shiver shakes you. Then you begin to walk, you try to recognize this monument, Central Park, the statue of Liberty, the Brooklyn Bridge, such or such building... After a moment, you decide to come back inside, but your sight is always captivated by the view. If you are lucky to have a nice sky without clouds, the view becomes incredible. And it lasts since a long time... and for a long time.

Twin Towers / Ground Zero
Battery Park
Empire State Building
Grand Central Terminal
Times Square
Wall Street and NYSE
United Nations
Principal Post Office
Staten Island
TV in street
TV series

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