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Twin Towers / Ground Zero

Before (in 1988)

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After (in 2008)

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Indoubtly, the change is here. Instead of two nice towers where we pass women in nice suit and men with attache case, there is nothing, nothing except a big hole. The suit has been replaced by working clothes.
Ground Zero is a virtual name, you don't find it anywhere, but it is a good name : all is on altitude zero, on level zero.
Some holes always open, some wrecking crane in movement, some flags in wind, all show at which point the horror has arrived on the city and how New York try to heal his own injuries. The memorial for victims is dedicated to those who are dead during the attacks. They are very close to us. The tears are never far... The emotion is always here, even after seven years, like the days just after.
Nothing will be like before 9-11. These planes and the fire have changed everything, and not only for New Yorkers. The smoke of the fallen towers has let an indelible trace in the heart of the inhabitants. The unconcern has diseappeared, but the will to face up to the adversity has predominated the distress and the anger.

Battery Park
Empire State Building
Grand Central Terminal
Times Square
Wall Street and NYSE
United Nations
Principal Post Office
Staten Island
Top of Empire State Bldg
TV in street
TV Series
TV Series

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