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Grand Central Terminal

Before (in 1988)

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After (in 2008)

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Th station seems impertubable and little affected by the change of building's name that overhangs it. It stays magnificent with its big windows, its brilliant centre lights, the marble of its stairs, its superb clock in the center of the hall. Th crowd hurrys : everyone knows where to in this maze of directions.
Arriving here, I find straigtaway the picture of Class 2001, a class full of promises in 1988. It has been for a long time appeared in front of the windows. It has of course disappeared with th new millenium, but nothing has replaced it. The lack of special key-date or no hope to show would have removed this symolic picture. The expositions in the hall follow one another,... expecting a new cantury.
By the way, what are the photographed children become ?

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